18 Watt Portable Solar Panel

18 Watt Portable Solar Panel

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This is our Second largest solar panel, water resistant, with a  USB mechanism to restart as a cloud goes over the sun.  Not all USB solar panels have this device.

Using USB solar panels its important to Note,

Charge a power-bank not your cell phone. 

  Leaving a expensive cell phone in the sun is not a good idea.    We use our solar panels for a wide range of uses, from charging power-banks, to lights, even two way radios,  they can also be used to trickle charge a vehicle battery . 

 The larger the Solar panel the faster it can be used to charge a power-bank. 

Always face the panel towards the sun on a angle for maximum charging speed.  

Item No.  E18
Rated power 18W
Working voltage 5V
Peak current 3.6A
USB output 5V/2A
Solar cell Sunpower monocrystalline silicon
Features ETFE lamination
Opened size 15*290*600mm
Folded size 20*290*200mm
Colors Green/Red/Orange
N.W. 600g±5%